Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Welcome summer

Summer got off to a great start - Cub Scout camp, a wedding, and the creation of our annual Summer Fun List!! We're steadily marking things off that big list and having lots of fun. The day I'm writing this is a rare day at home with no plans (other than grocery shopping, library pick up, packing and yard work...). We're having a blast and looking forward to LOTS more fun and memories!!!

At the wedding with lots of great co-workers and friends

Adam raiding the candy table!

Congrats Jennifer and Nikie! 

Busy busy Fun Fun!

Annual Fireman's parade on the last night of school

A very fast ferris wheel on their field trip!

Potato sack races at Cub Scout camp

Howdy there partner!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Last Day of school!

First day of school 2013:

Last day of school 2014:

You can take your pick why little miss was so grumpy - she had a list of things that morning but thankfully she was all smiles later in the day when friends captured a pic with her fabulous Teacher-of-the-Year Mrs. Mink!

Jacob and Mrs. Lane! He's going to be taller than his teachers by the time he's in 4th grade at this rate!

Friday, July 11, 2014

End of the year

The end of this school year brought many mixed emotions! My baby was finishing up preschool and leaving daycare. Jacob and Sarah were moving onto second grade! It was my last year in the classroom, packing up, moving out and starting a new chapter of my professional career. All of these things were exciting and emotional at the same time.

Its crazy to think that our daycare and home for the last 7 years will no longer be a part of our daily lives. Its crazy to think that all 3 kids will be in school now. Its crazy to realize this was the last time I had to pack up an entire classroom in June but not have to unpack it and set up in August. (No more lesson plans!) Big big changes ahead for us all!!

Adam's friends yelling out the window on his last day as we pulled out of the parking lot.

A very sweet note from one of my student's parents.

Adios students!

All packed up - the last time!

Adam and his friends after PreK graduation

He's ready for Kindergarten! 

Adam with his wonderful DK teachers!

Moving into my new office

This. I'm taking over for a colleague who retired in December. 
Someone else packed up her old office and moved her old things to the new offices. 
I found this magnet in a box of desk stuff. 
I got chills
A sign this is meant to be? 

Kindergarten registration...
Class of 2027? 
Slow down!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

First Grade Field Trip

The last six weeks of the school year were crazy for me - splitting my time between two jobs, juggling two classes, a few doctor appointments and lots of kid activities. Jacob and Sarah got to go on their first field trip and thankfully I was able to juggle my schedule around to join them! Thankfully lots of parents went along so we all just got to spend the day with our kids and I didn't have to split my time between my two in separate classrooms. The forecast for the day wasn't very good but thankfully the rain held off until we were almost done. We wandered Crossroad's Village in the morning with one of Sarah's friends then spent some time after lunch with a few of Jacob's buddies.

Crossroads Village takes you back in time - full of historic homes and businesses from our area that have been relocated over the years. Blacksmith shops, old mills, farms, homesteads, a general store, an opera house, etc. The highlight is always the old Huckleberry Railroad - one of the oldest working steam engines left in the US. We had a lot of fun and I think they may have even learned a few things!

Checking out the leather shop

Cool horseshoe!

Spinning yarn

Trying to pump water from the well

It was harder than they though!

Sarah on the train with her friend A

Huckleberry Railroad

The boys sweeping outside the broom shop

Man Power!

A ride on the carousel

One last thing before the rain hit - a very FAST ferris wheel!

Thursday, July 03, 2014

PreK Graduation

After 7+ years, I paid my last daycare bill in June! Most people cheer along with my checkbook on that one, and while that does come as a huge relief...it also comes with some sadness. If you've ever left your kids at daycare, day after day, then you know how big a decision it is on where to leave them. If you knew how great our daycare is...then you know how much easier they have made it the last 7 years. When I first looked at daycares 8 summers ago, I checked out 4 or 5 local daycare centers in our town and right away, knew which one I would want my babies at. No doubt at all. Since starting at PLP, they've gotten better and better, grown and evolved into an amazing place to learn and grow! So many of the teachers have babysat for us. Helped us out. Invited us into their families and we've considered them part of ours. I know that my kids not only learned and played but that they've been loved.

Adam graduated from their Developmental Kindergarten program at the end of May and had his last day of daycare a few weeks ago. He was very excited about being home all summer and moving up to Kindergarten in the fall, but many tears were shed (by me) that last week. The good news is that we can return to PLP if/when we need to for those random days over the summer or school year that I might need someone to watch the kids. It helped my heart knowing we can (1) still have a backup for childcare and (2) still be a part of their family!

Thanks again PLP for all you've done for us over the years! Thanks to all the ladies that have played a part in teaching and caring for our three children! We are so thankful and blessed!

Being silly on stage for graduation!

Getting his diploma from Miss Theresa

I see you Mommy!

Adam and Miss Amanda - his teacher for several years!

Miss Theresa, Adam and Miss Jessica

I'm pretty sure we paid for this sign (and the playground and library, too!) over the years...lol!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Every June, our local fire department hosts a huge parade that welcomes home fire departments and trucks from all over the county! The parade is awesome...well over an hour long and so many great things! So many fun things and friends to see! As the kids get older, I think they enjoy it more and more as they recognize friends in it! This year was FULL of people of knew and the kids enjoyed it. Jacob and Paul were IN the parade with Cub Scouts and we watched from our usual favorite spot - our friends' aunt's house right on the parade route.

Waiting excitedly for the fire trucks!

The first truck finally comes by!

Our friend and hair dresser, Miss Ashley!

One of our favorite Preschool teachers and friends, Miss Danielle!

Our BFF twins - Anna and Megan

Sarah's BFF, A, waving in the float with her dance studio

Sarah and her friend C

Finally! The Cub Scouts! Jacob is waving in the turquoise shirt

The rest of the Pack - Daddy's in the back!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Life happened

Instagram seems to have been more my speed instead of blogging this year so far. Here are a few favorite moments captured!

Last day of school picture! The boys? Happy! Sarah? Grumpy!

Riding the Ferris Wheel on their field trip and it went a LOT faster than we thought it did!

Some Sibling love. Sarah and her friend B got a balloon at the parade but Adam didn't. 
His sweet sister gave hers up to him and got a big hug in return!

Memorial Day weekend always includes the Hot air balloons in Frankenmuth. 
We missed the launch but got to see the glow.

This never gets old!

These ladies were my rock this past year and a half! 
Fellow teachers in my cohort for my Ed Specialist program. 
Can't wait to celebrate our graduation later this summer!!

Sarah and her BFF after their Talent Show performance

Mothers Day lunch!


After more than a year of awful headaches, we seem to have FINALLY found the answer thanks to a friend who asked questions and a Dr that listened! So thankful that he's not miserable and for good advice!

The Blues Brothers
Silly boys at the Mother/Son dance

Sarah and her friend E at a Girls Night Out

Sarah's masterpiece in the Art Gallery

Jacob's self portrait

My three loves!